President's Message

President’s Message (2017-18)

At the Rio Grande Chapter our number one strength has always been our volunteers. You probably recognize names and faces on our board this year, we’ve been working for you for a long time!  I’ve been a member and continually on the board in some capacity since 2006.  The friendships I’ve enjoyed and networks I’ve built have truly helped with my professional growth, and frankly my career.  It’s no joke.  It works!  I have a direct line to at least four seasoned professionals that I can call on to answer a question, give perspective and advice, or help with a difficult problem.  This is thanks to NCMA.


Our focus this year is to provide new opportunities for professional development through training seminars, study groups, and networking.  In addition, we need to be thinking about succession planning.  This is my third turn as president of your chapter.  I love supporting you and working with my longtime friends on the board, and some new friends too!  But, honestly, we need some fresh faces around the conference table!  Would you please consider volunteering next program year?  We have lots of fun on the board, and it’s a minimal time commitment (really).


Please watch for e-mail blasts regarding upcoming events, check this site monthly and connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn!  Contact anyone on our board to inquire about volunteering.


Catherine Lambert, President