Chapter By-Laws


Rio Grande Chapter


Date:  07/31/2016


Next revision date:  March 3, 2021



    A. The name of this chapter is the Rio Grande Chapter.  The address of the Rio Grande Chapter is PO Box 36053, Albuquerque, NM 87176-6053.  The chapter number is 042 and the date of the chapter charter is May 14, 1969. The Rio Grande Chapter was created from the Albuquerque (042) chapter and the Zia (139) chapter.

    B. These chapter bylaws are consistent with the national association bylaws and national association policies (and all revisions there-to), which are incorporated into this document by reference.  In the case of any inconsistency between the NCMA bylaws and the chapter bylaws, the NCMA bylaws shall govern.

    C. The fiscal year of the chapter shall be the same as the national association, which is from July 1 through June 30.  The fiscal year and program year shall be the same dates.



    A. The elected officers of the Rio Grande Chapter (Chapter Officers) shall be:  Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, Chapter Secretary and Chapter Treasurer. The elected Chapter Officers shall be called the “Chapter Executive Council”.

    B. The Chapter Officers shall appoint Committee Chairs as needed or desired, which may include but are not limited to: Archivist, Awards, Certification, Communications, Facilities, Fellows, Membership, Nominations, Outreach and Programs. 

    C. Collectively, the Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs shall be known as the “Chapter Board”. Chapter board meetings shall be chaired by the Chapter President. Each member of the Chapter Board present at any board meeting is entitled to cast a vote on matters of chapter business.

    D. Elected Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs must be current members of NCMA. The duties of the Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs are as stated in NCMA’s policy and procedure documents.  If there is no description in the NCMA policy, the instructions of NCMA policy on “Committees” shall apply.

    E. The Chapter may have a “Council of Advisors” in addition to the Chapter Board.  The members of the Council of Advisors shall be nominated by the Chapter Executive Council are encouraged to participate in Chapter Board meetings. The Council of Advisors shall have similar duties and responsibilities as listed in the NCMA policy on the “Board of Advisors”.



   A. The chair and/or members of the “Nominations and Elections Committee” shall be responsible for filling the slate of officer candidates.  The committee shall operate within the guidelines of the NCMA policy on “Nominations and Elections Committee” and ensure that chapter elections are completed by May 1 of each program year.

    B. Chapter
Officer Candidates shall be nominated from the chapter membership and elected by an affirmative vote of the majority of chapter members casting ballots.

    C. Chapter elections may be held at a chapter meeting, or may be conducted by mail or electronic ballot.  Association members in good standing, whose dues are paid in full and assigned to the Rio Grande Chapter, as of the date of the chapter election are entitled to cast a ballot in chapter elections.

    D. If possible,
newly elected Chapter Officers should be installed at the last meeting of the program year, but not later than the first board meeting of the next program year, to ensure proper authority to act on behalf of the chapter and in planning actions for the next program year.

    E. Chapter Officers may be removed from office for cause in accordance with the NCMA Bylaws.

    F. Vacancies in any elected Chapter Officer position caused during the program year by resignation, succession or other reasons, shall be filled by a vote of the members of the Chapter Executive Council, and not the chapter membership as described above. The chapter member elected to fill such vacancy shall serve until the completion of the term of the vacated office.



    A. The Chapter Executive Council shall convene a chapter board meeting on a regularly scheduled basis, generally monthly during the program year, at the call of the President, to conduct the business of the chapter.

    B. The term of office for Chapter Officers shall be one (1) or two (2) years. Once elected to a chapter officer position, an officer may be reelected for one (1) additional term for the same officer position.  Years of service for the same officer position shall not exceed four (4) consecutive years.

    C. The Chapter President shall conduct the chapter board meetings and will provide each member of the Chapter Board with an agenda for the meeting.

    D. Each member of the Chapter Executive Council and Committee Chairs are responsible for reporting on the activities in their area of responsibility.



    A. The Chapter shall have membership meetings as needed to conduct specific Chapter business, such as elections.  These meetings may be in conjunction with Chapter sponsored events, through email polling, or other means as appropriate.  The meetings may be called anytime during the program year.

    B. The time, day and venue of any chapter meeting shall be established by the Chapter Board and will be provided to the membership via regular methods of chapter communication.



    A. The National Contract Management Association is a 501(c) (6) nonprofit association chartered in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service Code of
1954 and the Articles of Incorporation filed under the Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act. Therefore, it is imperative that the Rio Grande Chapter and all of the Rio Grande Chapter Officers adhere to the fiduciary responsibility conferred on them in the operation of the chapter.  They shall ensure that the chapter assets are utilized in accordance with the NCMA Chapter Guidelines and Article II of the NCMA bylaws.

    B. If any Chapter Officer or Committee Chair expects to incur costs to be paid by the Chapter, they shall submit a budget to the Chapter Treasurer at the beginning of the program year in accordance with guidelines provided by the Chapter Treasurer.  The budget shall consist of intended program year expenditures and estimated income from planned chapter activities for their area of responsibility.

    C. The Chapter Treasurer shall prepare an overall chapter budget from the Chapter Board inputs and shall submit the program year budget to the Chapter Executive Council. The Chapter Executive Council shall approve the chapter budget at the beginning of the chapter program year.

    D. The Chapter Treasurer shall prepare a monthly report of the financial balance sheet and income/expense sheet for review by the Chapter Executive Council.  The financial report shall include the event attendance report from the Chapter Secretary, and any other sources of income.

    E. Specific guidance on disbursement of chapter funds will be developed and reviewed at the beginning of each chapter year and address at a minimum the use of checks and debit cards by Chapter Officers.

    F. An independent audit shall be initiated by the Chapter Treasurer and approved by the Chapter President at the end of each program year. The independent audit shall be performed by an individual outside of chapter board; that is, the individual cannot be an officer, committee chair or serve in any other official volunteer capacity.  A formal audit report shall be submitted to the NCMA Headquarters within 90 days of the end of the program year.

    G. In the event of charter revocation or chapter dissolution in accordance with NCMA Policy 5-7, all residual chapter funds and tangible property acquired by the chapter shall be forwarded to the principal office of NCMA and the chapter shall cease the use and display of the NCMA/chapter logo immediately following revocation.



    A. The chapter bylaws shall be revised when there are major changes to the NCMA bylaws or other sections of the NCMA policy that create an inconsistency between that document and these bylaws, or every five years.  Failure to revise the chapter bylaws shall not render these bylaws invalid.

     B. Amendments to the chapter bylaws shall be proposed in writing to the Chapter President.

    C. T
he Chapter Secretary shall distribute either a ballot of the proposed bylaws or the proposed revisions to the bylaws to the chapter membership advising them of the vote on the bylaws. Approval of chapter bylaws and revisions to chapter bylaws shall be  determined by either an affirmative vote of a majority of chapter members casting ballots, those members present at a scheduled chapter meeting, or by an affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the chapter member  ballots received during the specified voting period. The Chapter Secretary shall distribute the proposed bylaws or revisions to the bylaws to the chapter membership.

    D. Upon resolution adopted by the chapter voting members, the NCMA Governance Committee (or the individual/body granted the authority) shall approve the bylaws or the bylaws as amended, as specified in NCMA’s policy.

    E. A copy of the Rio Grande Chapter bylaws and amendments shall be kept in a book of record with the Chapter Secretary.



    A. The chapter strongly supports integrity and ethics in the government contracting profession.  Therefore, the chapter will start each program year off with a reminder to its members of the importance of complying with the Contract Management Code of Ethics by either pointing members to where it can be found on the NCMA website, handing out copies at the beginning of the program year or reading the Code of Ethics aloud at the first scheduled chapter meeting.

    B. At the beginning of the program year, the Chapter Secretary shall provide all Chapter Officers, and Committee Chairs a written copy of the Code of Ethics with a signature block at the bottom of the page which they are required to sign and date.  These signed copies will be retained by the Chapter Secretary along with the chapter bylaws in accordance with NCMA’s records retention policy.